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Coaching that goes beyond the basics of chess.

Chess is a game that involves strategy, risk management, creative thinking, and the ability to manage your emotions in stressful situations. These are life skills that we can all use a little more of but they are especially good for kids to learn at an early age. Learning chess at a young age will develop life-skills as much as it will develop the knowledge and love of the game.

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Great News!

We are introducing a new place for our community for learning and fun activities!

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The Houston Chess Studio and F7 Chess Club are now offering classes for kids 5-15 years old. We provide private and group lessons. We also host scholastic rated tournaments each month!

Group lessons schedule

Beginners: 11:10 AM - 12:00 PM
Intermediate: 12:10 PM-13:00 PM

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Club doors are open:

Beginners: 11:10 AM - 12:00 PM
Intermediate: 12:10 PM-13:00 PM

Why chess?

For young players especially, chess provides a fun, social, competitive outlet that also has a positive impact on personal development. It is a game that enriches the mind, body, and soul and will help kids become more confident, well-rounded young adults.

Chess has been shown to help improve a wide range of mental and social skills, and emotional intelligence in young people. When students learn chess, these skills they take away will show up in the classroom and throughout all aspects of their life.

Learning and practicing chess instills confidence in students and helps them overcome and solve problems in all aspects of their lives. It helps them deal with uncertainties and gives them the tools to achieve their goals easier. It is also a lot of fun and a great thing to spend time trying to master!

Improves reading comprehension and math skills Teaches risk management Sharpens concentration and memory Boosts creativity Encourages logic and critical thinking

Why now?

These are challenging times for the education and socialization of kids and young adults. Parents are always looking for activities that will have a positive effect on their children. Chess is a game that will build your child up, teach them new ideas, and make them feel a sense of accomplishment.

At F7 Chess Club, we are pioneering new ways of interacting and learning chess. We teach students to think critically and strategically. We show them how to consider all the risky options in the game and ultimately choose the most optimal move.

We prepare young players for future professions, use technologically advanced tools for student interaction and learning, help young people find themselves, explore how students deal with their own methods of thinking, and teach them to manage their brain power optimally and effectively.

Who is chess for?

The real answer is, chess is for everybody! Every child is unique and different and we have found that chess is a fantastic game for all kids. Depending on what your child is like, they will surely find different benefits and takeaways that will leave them feeling enthusiastic about the game. Here are some more specific ways that chess has benefited all sorts of kids.

Chess helps challenge kids that are good students but may not be getting the academic challenges right now to keep their minds working at full capacity.

Chess helps kids who struggle with school or who’s confidence in scholastic settings might be low.

Chess is great for kids who think differently than other kids. It helps show that their individual way of processing information can be incredibly effective and valuable.

Chess is a perfect game for kids who are obsessed with the stimulation and strategy of video games. It gives them the same mental engagement in a more tactile and social setting.

No matter who your child is, they will find takeaways from playing chess that will help transform who they are in a positive way. F7 Chess Club members develop focus and confidence and they learn how to handle themselves, win or lose. Chess helps open their mind to new possibilities and also creates a community where they will find new friends. Most of all, chess is a unique game that not everyone plays and this is a badge of honor to our F7 Chess Club members.

About our club

note for parents

As parents, we know that these days kids have more screen time than ever. In these challenging times though, both parents and kids need to find things for them to do which are stimulating and engaging to keep their minds active and to keep them entertained.

Instead of putting a video game controller in their hands, try a chess piece! At F7 Chess Club, students learn the fundamentals of chess and fall in love with a game that is fun, competitive, educational, and helps develop life skills. Chess is the gift that keeps on giving and will can turn into a lifelong skill and passion.

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