The F7 community

Membership in the F7 Chess Club is a great opportunity to join a robust chess community. Here you will find chess players of all levels who love the game and strive to get better everyday. The kids who join F7 Chess Club not only learn life lessons that help them everyday but they also make lifelong friends who they participate in events with and compete against in the game we love!

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Our Vision

At F7 Chess Club, we don’t just teach the game of chess, we teach our students how to think and analyze while playing chess. We practice thinking out loud during the game, we share the thought process with each other and watch instructors play the game while talking through the logic behind each move.

Success is not just about collecting medals and trophies though, it is about achieving personal goals and personal growth. It is about taking responsibility, playing fair, and learning to manage your emotions, win or lose. The parallels between these skills in chess and in life are great for developing young minds.

“We strive to create successful players because we believe when our students succeed, we succeed! This is why our instruction isn’t just about giving students the principles of chess, it is about giving them the tools to work within the rules to play like an innovator. We want our students to discover new positions and explore new solutions. This is what creates successful chess players!”

Elena Stuckert

F7 chess Club Founder

F7 Chess Club Opportunities

At F7 Chess Club, members have incredible opportunities for learning the game of chess from world-recognized instructors, meeting like-minded young chess lovers, and for personal development. Students watch chess films, receive both private and group lessons, and attend chess camps and other special chess-related events.

F7 Chess club members are also invited to participate in both internal unrated tournaments and officially rated tournaments both live and online. Members have played in and won prizes at a host of local, regional, national, and even international chess events including:

  • Philadelphia World Open
  • World Open Under 13 Championship
  • Las Vegas International Chess Festival
  • International Youth Championship
  • Youth Trophy Tournament
  • All Girl Tournament
  • US Women’s Open
  • National Open
  • State level Chess Tournaments
  • Scholastic Tournaments

We proudly partner with the Anatoly Karpov International School of Chess, which has held the U.S. Chess Camp for 20 years!