The F7 Way of teaching chess

We are chess enthusiasts with a passion for the game and for teaching it to our students. Our coaching goes beyond simply teaching the basics of chess. Knowing the rules and how to follow them is important, but not enough. We teach kids to take a creative approach while still following the basic tenants of the game.

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What We Do

F7 Chess Club Chess lessons help to train and prepare our students for US rated and International tournaments and help them become champions!

We not only teach playing techniques but also help to support our students in all their endeavors. Chess lessons will help kids tune up their skills so they can deliver their best performance during the big tournaments.

Chess Lessons

We offer both private and group chess lessons for kids and students at beginner to intermediate levels that help teach tactics and strategy. These lessons can involve multiple chess game types including blitz, rapid games, and backhouse; multiple game phases such as debuts, middlegame, and endgame; as well as important gambits like Indian defense, Sicilian defense, Queen gambit, King gambit, and more.

How much do lessons cost?

Private lesson: $35 per academic hour (50 min).

Discounts available:

  • Siblings: $25
  • Group (3-6 students): $25

How to Sign Up?

If you’re interested in private or group lessons, please submit your contacts and student’s information to receive sign up instructions and scheduling information. No payment is required until after the lesson is officially booked and confirmed.

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